Wedding Music Services...


As soon as you confirm a wedding date, and secure a location for your ceremony, you should begin making arrangements to hire your wedding musicians.



This is how it works when you hire Wedding Day Sound...


Step 1). Contact us. You can call us direct, our office line is

774-2722. Or, you can reach us with our online submit form found right here on our website's contact page.


Step 2). Make arrangements to come to our studio for your initial meeting. At this time we can fully explain how we can provide live music for each of your wedding events.


Typically the bride and groom will hire musicians for the following times for their wedding celebrations...


- Pre-wedding family/social gatherings.


- The wedding ceremony.


- Social hour or cocktail hour (before the wedding day).


- The wedding reception.


We will cover and confirm all of your wedding day music details.



Step 3). When you have decided upon the songs, and their order, that you would like perfromed at your ceremony... simply create your wedding ceremony's music set-list using our easy to use, "On-line Wedding Day Music Planner."


online wedding planner


All you need to use this unique online planner is a computer with internet connection, and your login username and password.


*Couples will receive their login information at their initial meeting.



Church Weddings...

Note: Often a house of worship will have strict guidelines about wedding songs that can or cannot be used during a ceremony. Be sure to ask the director of worship services in your chapel before meeting with your musicians.