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Wedding Day Sound can offer several different styles of music for your wedding reception. Currently, the most popular choice among our clients is our, "Taste of the Tropics - Island Rhythm Wedding Band." The hip-swaying rhythm and infectious melody creates a musical experience perfect for any high energy, celebratory event - ideal for getting your wedding guests dancing to a very entertaining band late into the night.


The Island Rhythm Wedding Band performs music of the Caribbean. Our professional Caribbean artists set themselves apart from all the rest as they strive to bring the unity of Soca, Calypso, and Reggae to the people like no other band in Winnipeg.

Our high-energy Soca show delivers music with Caribbean punch and lots of energy. The band promises to excite & have everyone dancing! The Island Rhythm Band also performs the greatest hits of pop, R & B, soul, and funk.




... Renown Winnipeg Caribbean

Bandleader Glen Williams


After your busy wedding day - It's party time! Glen Williams and his band bring the sounds and rhythms of the Caribbean to you. Reggae, Soca, Calypso and Rhythm & Blues make up a typical set. It's all for fun - and to get you dancing!


Glen Williams leads the group with vocals and guitar. Any number of band-mates join him depending on the size of the band required for the event. From a Glen Williams solo set to an eight-piece show band with drums, keyboards, percussion and back-up vocals, Glen Williams; Taste of the Tropics - Island Rhythm Wedding Band is ready to pump-up your crowd.


The music player below has a selection of our most popular wedding reception pieces. Listen to the Wedding Day Sound Band pump up the reception guests... everyone is having one of the best parties ever... and I'm sure you'd enjoy the exact same thing the night you get married! Call us today to book your wedding!





"Taste of the Tropics"


Recorded Live ~ Winnipeg, MB. CANADA




Whether you remember when 'Under the Boardwalk' or 'One Love' first came out, or are falling in love with the caribbean beat for the first time, Glen Williams parties are fun for every age. Caribbean music is Glen's first love, but he also performs a mix of classic R&B and Soul hits. His original compositions bring all of these elements together with an infectious sense of fun.





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