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Laid-Back Wedding Style...
by Bridget Mora

People today lead very casual lifestyles. We wear jeans to cocktail parties, bring the dog to work, and rarely get dressed up. It is only natural that many couples are bringing this laid-back attitude to their weddings.

What is laid-back style, anyway? Well, it is the opposite of formal, stuffy, or prim and proper. Having a laid-back wedding can mean having a very casual get-together for only your closest friends, or it can be a more planned out affair, just with all of the details kept intentionally relaxed.

I'll give you an example of what a laid-back wedding could look like. They are not necessarily any less expensive than more formal weddings, it's just a matter of making choices to keep the style very casual and to make guests feel very at ease.
One bride I knew had a wedding for 200 guests on her family's property. This woman liked things that were nice, but also relaxed and easy-going.

She chose a custom made wedding gown, but in a style that was not very fitted. It was a slightly crumpled silk taffeta strapless gown in a style that she said looked like a down comforter (not every woman's idea of a dream dress, but it worked for her). The dress was above all, very comfortable,
and accessories were also kept very easy. The bride wore ballet slippers, a very plain veil, and some simple bridal jewelry that was custom made for her. As you can guess from the custom bridal jewelry and one-of-a-kind gown, for some brides, casual elegance still means careful planning. At the end of the evening, the bride had a hot dog cart come out to serve late-night snacks to the wedding guests. That is a perfect example of laid-back wedding style.

Many couples looking to achieve that feeling of casual elegance opt for destination weddings. There is something about being married on the beach that helps everyone to feel more relaxed. It helps that most tropical islands have that "Don't worry, be happy" vibe about them.

For a laid-back beach wedding, the bride would look for a simple flowing wedding gown in a breezy fabric like chiffon. Forget about structured hairstyles; the perfect hair for a beach wedding is either loose and flowing, or a messy bun at the nape of the neck. Accessories should also reflect this relaxed attitude: silk flip-flops, a pearl pendant, and a tropical flower in the bride's hair may be all that she needs.

To help get your guests into the right frame of mind, set the scene to make them feel at ease. For a beach wedding, get your guests to slip out of their high heels by providing shoe racks where they can park their city shoes. Have baskets of flip-flops on hand so that everyone can get into the swing of things. Add to the laid-back vibe by having playing "The Wedding March" on the steel drums instead of a violin. All the little details will add up to the relaxed feeling that you are trying to create.

Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your lifestyle. That is why more and more couples are deciding to have a casually elegant wedding that match how they live their lives. The laid-back feeling of these weddings makes for a very fun time for all of the guests.

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