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Funny Wedding Speeches - 3 Tips To Make 'Em Laugh...
by Bryan Hufford

Let's face it - Giving a wedding speech can be tough stuff. While some people might enjoy standing in front of a large
crowd just talking their ear off, I know the average person would rather just skip the whole speech part. The thing
that I must say, however, is that if you are in a wedding party, the wedding speech is practically inevitable. Since
this is the case, why not make the most of it? Keep the crowd interested by making your speech funny!

Here are 3 tips that can help you keep your speech funny and interesting:

#1 - Use One-Liners, but Don't Overdo It

Find some great one-liners that people will appreciate and incorporate them into your speech. Do it tastefully, and
use them when appropriate. If you have some crafty one-liners, you'll keep the crowd on their feet. Cleaver
one-liners always work well in my book.

#2 - Use Actions and Use Enthusiasm In Your Voice

Saying funny lines in a dull tone will kill the humor in your speech. Match your tone and deliver your speech
with enthusiasm. Use actions to help describe your words. Sometimes people understand things better if
you can act them out. Don't act out too much to the point where you are a flap-jack, wailing your arms
all over the place and becoming a distraction to everyone. Just use common sense and you'll be good.

#3 - Mold Your Humor Around The Bride/Groom's Personality

You'll know exactly how far you can push the button by doing this. If the bride/groom have a very
humorous personality and find a lot of things funny, you will really be able to go over the edge.
Also consider the crowd you will be reciting your speech in front of. How well will they take you
and your "funnies". If you know what makes the bride/groom laugh, you're set!

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