The Wedding Ceremony Event...


The musicians and sound equipment for your event will arrive in advance. We will set-up all of the necessary equipment and be ready to play on time - guaranteed!


Note: There is no charge for set-up time.



The Wedding Ceremony...


A typical wedding ceremony will normally consist of six musical parts.

These parts generally include the following...


• Pre-Ceremony:

The pre-ceremony portion will begin with our musicians performing between 20 - 30 min. of music before the first processional.


• The 1st Processional:

Music for the Flower girl, Ring bearer, and Bridesmaids to

walk down the aisle. Approx. 5 - 7 min. of music.


• The 2nd Processional:

The primary Processional, (the Bride walks down the aisle), the bride walks the aisle to meet the groom at the alter for the wedding ceremony to take place. Approx. 3 - 5 min. of music.


• Signing of the Marriage License:

The Bride & Groom along with the Bridesmaid and Best man will follow the Priest, (or wedding Commissioner), to a table, (or some other area). The marriage license will be signed and witnessed. Some photographs are perhaps taken as well. Approx. 7 - 10 min. of music.


• Recessional:

The recessional begins with the announcement of the couple as husband and wife. Next, the wedded couple will walk from the alter with each other, (the recessional). Approx. 4 - 6 min. of music.


• Post-Ceremony:

The post-ceremony consists of 15 - 35 min. of additional music after the recessional. This is generally performed while the guests exit the event area (or when photo's are taken of the newly wed couple by family & friends). If the hired photographer will be taking photo's on-site - with guests enjoying champaign and h'orderves - music would last throughout this entire period, (30 - 35min).