About Wedding Day Sound...


Wedding Day Sound is owned and operated by musician,

Andrew Wasson and is a subsidiary of his successful Winnipeg based company Creative Guitar Musician Services.



Andrew Wasson
With over 15 years experience in the music and entertainment industry, Andrew has the professional experience working with couples to create the best wedding ceremony event possible for that special day.



Andrew Wasson performing

at a ceremony



andrew jamming

Our professional bands entertain at social functions, society galas, and corporate events. We payroll our musicians directly, we are not middlemen. We don't do décor, flowers, video, limos, gowns or wedding photography. By specializing in only one aspect of weddings wedding music

we absolutely, positively offer you - our client, the best service at the best price. Guaranteed!


Andrew Wasson performing at a reception.


Andrew Wasson has co-ordinated music for; weddings, reunions, conferences and events of all types for over 15 years. His clients

have included...


   • Spina Bifida Association of Manitoba

   • The Arthritis Society of Manitoba

   • St. John’s-Ravenscourt School

   • CBC Radio & CBC Television

   • Deer Lodge Center

   • St. Boniface School Division

   • The Winnipeg Winter Club

   • Manitoba Department of Intergovernmental Affairs




Our studio office is located in River Heights. (between Grosvenor and Corydon). Andrew will personally meet with each couple and cover all of the entertainment needs of the wedding day. While all of the musicians at Wedding Day Sound maintain a professional, business-like approach, it is the joy, and complete satisfaction of our clients that really motivates us.


Whether our clients require music at family evening parties or social gatherings before the wedding... at the ceremony, for the reception or at every wedding function we can answer all of your questions in detail.